Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Annoying parents...

Hello everyone! If you've read my first post then you will know what's going on and why i'm doing all this. So today i'm gonna talk about how annoying my mum and dad can be sometimes! Feel free to leave any comments, you might even want to share your stories of having annoying parents.

Anyway, I do love both my mum and dad a lot but they get on my nerves sometimes. Like there a bit to protective over me. They will let me go out shopping with my friends or to the cinema and other places like that, but when it comes to just going around town after school, they won't let me. They won't let me have a facebook account (ok i'm not old enough to have it yet but all my friends do)! But the worst thing of all is that I don't think they will even let me have a boyfriend. I haven't been asked out yet thought (which is annoying) but i've started waring makeup to try and make boys fancy me! When my mum caught me waring makup to school she said fair enough if your going out somewhere but not to school. So now I just sneak it on and don't let her see me with it on!

I'm just fed up with then treating me like i'm still little when i'm gonna be 13 soon. I wish I was the sort of person who would just tell them to stop treating me like a child. Anyway thats enough from me! Don't foret to leave comments especially if you have been through the same thing and can offer help!
Thanks and bye,
Shona xx

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